"Evеrуthіng holding уоu ransom is a рrіѕоn
сrеаtеd bу your own mind. Only you can free yourself."
Rachel D Fox

encourage . empower . inspire .

Wife | Mom | Storyteller | Creative | Leader | Servant | Consultant | Coach | Unicorn

Stop allowing life to happen to you when you can actually make a big mark so much so that life will never forget you lived! Start NOW!

The process of becoming authentic is not for the weary, but it pays off
in the end. Over a span of 30 plus years, Rachel D. Fox has assimilated
what it means to fully embrace all that she is. Back to Me is an eclectic
and unfiltered memoir where you will immediately identify your crazy
coworker, sister, homegirl, daughter, and mostly yourself to sprinkle your
life with laughter and encouragement to let you know that you’re not
doing life all by yourself. The book showcases a collection of authentic
writings from an incredibly funny and honest woman.


You’ll trace Rachel’s journey from the South to the Midwest, her
upbringing in the pastor’s education, new emotions of unbelonging
to new destinations, identity, extended themes of acceptance and
conforming in the workplace, fervently finding purposes from the
sacrifices, and intimate situations that no one should experience. A
subtle line is joined by a series of stories that over time slip out of hand,
giving a clear lesson: Being passive and motionless is never an option.

Who is Rachel Fox?

Hey girl (or whoever you are), thanks for stopping by my website. My journey has been a long one and I’m not done yet. However, my purpose is simple. I am determined to empower you. That’s right! After living through some of life’s toughest situations and recovering from great failures, I want to use each life lesson to help you. Are you ready?


invite me? yes , girl!

If you’re looking for someone to keep everyone energized at your next conference or workshop? Hey! Look no further. My unique style and candid personality keep any audience engaged.

If you know my story, follow me online, or know me in person, you understand that my passion is real and my message is one that translates to any audience. I was taught to speak when I have something to say. I’m blessed to have been invited to speak at conferences large and small. Size doesn’t matter to me, it is about the message.

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