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Rachel delivers high-energy, motivating, captivating, and powerful talks. Her workshops provide practical knowledge that equip others to strengthen skills, gain new insights, shift perspective, and challenge outdated mindsets.
Rachel is known for her strength, faith, and authentic personality. She uses humor and real life scenarios to connect with any audience. Over the past 30 years, Rachel has gathered a lifetime of stories and experiences that she shares unapologetically to transfer her life lessons to others.
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Life Purpose Guide

Rachel has devoted her life to helping others in the form of mentorship as a Life Purpose Guide. Let Rachel help you

  • Get clear on your goals
  • Name your roadblocks
  • Develop a personal project plan
  • Celebrate your wins and learn from your losses

Rachel uses a wide range of techniques to help you clearly hone in on your personal power and uncover those you weren’t aware of. These tools will in turn help you become the best version of the person you were created to be. Each session comes with a full review of your current state, your mile markers, progress statements, vision session, and accountability measures that ensure you stay on the right course for the change you are believing for.

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Business Consulting

Some might think that if they own a business, the need for business consultation diminishes. That thought could not be more wrong. Some of the best business owners have those they consult with frequently. A business consultant can deliver insights to grow your business and help with innovative solutions to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive. If you own a small business or may be considering launching something new, let Rachel help launch you forward.
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